Yes, the marathon was difficult especially since I was injured.   I had a couple of massages, which was actually extremely painful, but it helped.  I took off a couple weeks completely from running.  After that I tried to go for a run but my knees were still so sore.  So I gave it some more time.  I tried again maybe a month after and I could go about a mile before the pain came back. So I Dr. Feist recommended that I see a physical therapist.  I did, and he gave me some exercises to build up my core and hip strength.  I did them for about two weeks.  But I was finally able to start running about 4 miles at a time again in December.  (The marathon was October 5.) I slowly built up my mileage.

During that spring semester of school I took Introduction to Weight Training which forced me to lift weights twice a week.  I hate lifting weight by myself but it is fine when my grade depends on it.  I started feeling better again so Melissa, Stacey and I signed up for the Burnsville Half Marathon which was May 30th I believe.  It was great.  I wanted to finish in under 2 hours however it took me exactly two hours and 30 seconds.  Not too shabby.  Since that race turned out so good, I decided to sign up for the marathon again and just see how training would turn out.


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