Weekly recap (through the 2nd week of the Whole30)

What’s up party people!

I thought I would start out this morning with a recap of how I actually feel. The first week if you look back was relatively easy especially regarding the food side of things (my running definitely wasn’t easy.) Outside of the extremely vivid dreams each night, I felt pretty normal. I was sleeping well, but I typically don’t have issues with my sleep unless I am drinking. Even one glass of wine seems to disturb my sleep. That week was very easy for me from a craving standpoint. I felt like I was eating pretty normal except, I never felt hungry, which is a HUGE benefit (even on the mornings I ran before work.)

This last week (week 2) was also pretty good but seemed a little more challenging. (It definitely was for my hubby who works in a restaurant, poor guy!) I didn’t feel like meal planning or cooking, which was why I struggled. My cravings weren’t bad though. The thing that bothers me the most are the constant pizza commercials on TV. Pizza is definitely something I miss and it will probably be the first splurge once I’m done (with a yummy glass of wine, the other thing I miss the most.)

I thought I would miss dairy more, specifically the half and half in my morning coffee and cheese (especially feta on my Greek salads.) I actually don’t miss the half and half at all. Now, I feel like I can really taste the yumminess of my coffee. I don’t miss the feta in my salad either. I did however miss the melty piece of cheese when we had burgers.

So here’s a list of how I feel and the changes I see:

1) I have a constant level of energy. It isn’t easy for me to get out of bed in the morning; that is still a struggle. But once I’m up I’m up. I don’t get tired during the day, not even at 3:00 p.m.

2) I’m only hungry when I’m supposed to be hungry, right before a meal. Like I mentioned earlier, normally, if I run before work I’m constantly hungry throughout the day. Or if I do a long run, I typically can’t eat enough after. (I’ll eat a meal then a couple hours later feel hungry again.)

3) My cravings and unhealthy relationship with food have changed. Typically, prior to starting the Whole 30, I would eat “super healthy” for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was typically oatmeal (I put quotations around the super healthy because the Whole 30 definition of healthy is different than how I used to define healthy, because grains (even oatmeal or quinoa) are a no-no) with plain Greek yogurt a dash of honey, some walnuts and berries. Or a green smoothie (lots of spinach, berries, ½ banana, almond butter, and almond milk.) Then lunch would be a Greek salad or some sort of salad with my homemade dressing and some protein (grilled chicken) or leftovers from the night before. I typically would make a good “healthy” dinner as well. But if I got home from work (and I was alone) and I didn’t go for a run ASAP, then I would snack, on all kinds of things, cheese, almond butter, whatever was around. If I had the motivation to workout ASAP, then I’d be okay. Dinner usually included wine, which would turn into 2 glasses. If we opened a bottle it was usually gone that night. There is something so comfortable and delicious about a glass of red wine. If the hubby closed on a given night, all bets were off. Weekends were also a free for all and pizza delivery was a regular thing (and dinners out).

Now, I cook everything. The only thing I can think of that I get that’s pre-done is the fresh Pico de Gallo I buy from Valley Natural Foods. They make it fresh daily and it’s just chopped tomatoes, red onion, jalapenos, cilantro, lime juice, salt and pepper. Otherwise, I cook everything which again, gets old, especially meal planning. But it’s nice to know exactly what I’m putting in my body. If I have a “snack” it’s spoonful of cashew butter or my little “treat” of berries with cashew butter and coconut flakes.


4) My sleep has improved. It’s now just a constant, I get tired when I should, I fall asleep right away, I may wake up once, but I go back to sleep right away, and I wake up well rested. I’m not sure if I’ve been talking in my sleep (something I do on a regular basis and have done since I started talking) but I haven’t been walking in my sleep (something that would happen maybe a couple times a month.)

Here’s what I did for running:

Monday: 4.25 miles on the treadmill after work – treadmill runs are always a b**** for me. Didn’t feel good.

Tuesday: 5 miles in the morning before work, on the treadmill – again, not great.

Wednesday: 4 miles outside after work. This was better but I definitely relate that to being outside. I was pretty cold though. The temp was over 20 degrees, maybe 22 or 23, but there was like 13 mph winds, so I think the feels like temp was around 13-15 degrees. I didn’t dress properly. I wore a somewhat thin layer of running tights, a long sleeve performance shirt with a short sleeved top over plus my running jacket (lightweight, wind breaker type thing in a shocking neon yellow color so peeps can see me), and a fleece headband. My upper body was okay but my legs were freezing! (Also the sun was setting.)

Thursday: 5 miles outside (I had a break in my day and was able to get out around 10 a.m.) It was sunny but similar temps to my prior run. This time I wore 2 pairs of running tights. I felt like I overdressed a bit this time. The first 2 miles sucked (especially the 2nd because it was a constant hill climb and I was running directly against the wind. Once I turned the corner I felt much better.

I’m due to run 12 miles today (my half marathon is next week). However, I checked the forecast, it’s warm today (above 30) but it’s supposed to get super windy. So I’m going tomorrow morning. It’s supposed to be warm again but much less wind. And I am nervous. I still need to come up with a fueling plan. I think I’m going to eat an egg and maybe a teaspoon of cashew butter pre-run (the Whole 30ers recommend a half serving of protein (1/2 of what you typically have in a full meal) and maybe a ½ serving of fat. So an egg and a teaspoon of cashew butter fill that bill. I am also going to bring along a peeled (without any skin) orange in a baggy and have that for mid-run fuel if I need it. I’m considering just getting it over with today, maybe on the treadmill (if I can find a good movie to watch during it) but we shall see.

My next post is going to include some food pics from the week along with a new recipe. (Something I came up with last night) Bison meatballs! These were SO SO good!



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