My Whole 30 experience (so far) and trying to figure out how to train

This morning marks the start of day 10 which according to the Whole 30 team, is the hardest day and the day that those who end up quitting, quit on.

Ryan and I are still going strong though and have NO intentions of quitting.

I’m running the Securian 1/2 Marathon on January 24th.  I have done this in the past and it usually falls on a really cold day (and we’re talkin’ MN standards,) making it pretty challenging.  The race organizers have actually had to cancel the race in the past due to severe weather. (Hopefully that doesn’t happen this year.) I signed for this race prior to committing to the Whole 30.  My thought process was, I’ve done so many marathons and long training runs, 13.1 miles isn’t even what I consider a long run, this will give me a new challenge, yes, it will be hard for the first couple of weeks but the 1/2 isn’t until the start of week 4, I’ll be fine, I’ll power through and this will only make me stronger mentally, who needs all those carbs anyway… blah blah blah…

Well, I’m on day 10 and I have two long runs under my belt and four other runs since starting this.  Here a recap of those 10 days:

Whole30 Day 1 (Friday, January 2nd)

(Keep in mind, I am going off of memory, I didn’t take pictures of every single meal)

Breakfast – I’m pretty sure I had sweet potato hash with 3 eggs and some fruit.

Lunch – Salmon cake (I’ll share the recipe later) and big salad (greens, peppers, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, kalamata olives, balsamic vinegar and olive oil)

Dinner – Beef stew with veggies. This was delicious.

Recap – I got hungry, really hungry before dinner (this is really the only time because I adjusted some of my portions.) I felt pretty decent though throughout the day.  I had the day off, so I did some grocery shopping and food prep and chores around the house. I didn’t work out.

Whole 30 Day 2

I slept decent the previous night although I do remember waking up a lot and I had a dream about a chocolate milk shake.

I had a 10 mile long run ahead of me.  I wasn’t sure what to eat and didn’t take the time to look up what the Whole 30 peeps recommend.  I had some super ripe bananas sitting out so I thought I’d have what I typically have pre-run, 1/2 banana with almond butter.  I had about 1/3 of the banana (it was so ripe it was mushy and I thought I was going to puke, I was so grossed out, I did however eat about a heaping teaspoon of almond butter.) I felt super low on energy during my run, but I kept on telling myself that this was normal and that I’ve felt a whole lot worse on long runs and that it was only 10 miles. The amazing this about this run was that I had no stomach issues during, and I am known to have stomach issues on runs.

Lunch: (breakfast) sweet potato hash, 3 eggs, 2 pieces of compliant bacon, 1/2 grapefruit. This was a great thing to have (I think based on how I felt). It kept me full until dinner.

Dinner: Ground beef taco’s with mango salsa and pico de gallo in radicchio leaves.  I don’t recommend the radicchio leaves because they are supper bitter.  I would recommend having romaine leaves or cabbage leaves instead . This was a challenging night.  Ryan and I got to babysit our super adorable and fun nephews.  I had the pleasure of making them quesadillas.  This was my first brush with major temptation. I love cheese and I love crispy, cheesy quesadillas.  We made it through though.  Thankfully our dinner was super yummy.  I was pretty bummed though because I couldn’t find any ripe avocadoes and I really wanted to have guacamole with it.

Whole 30 Day 3

Day 3 was pretty good!  Nothing special until my nephews birthday party.  I brought some slow cooked pork shoulder.  (I just rubbed a 3.5 lb pork shoulder with some coarse salt and pepper, garlic and onion powder, and coconut amino’s and I put it in a crock pot for 18 hours… it was amazing.) We had the pork with some salad.  We also had bowling league that night. That posed more temptation, but we did just fine!

Whole 30 Day 4

I’ve been sleeping really well since starting.  But I typically sleep well when I don’t have any alcohol. This was my first day of work since starting.  We woke up early to work out.  I ran 4 miles on the treadmill.  I didn’t have a lot of energy but I got through it.  Work went fine.  I didn’t feel hungry (and I typically do when I run in the morning.) That night we had the spaghetti squash Bolognese (recipe in last post.) That was really good!

Whole 30 Day 5

I’ve felt pretty good throughout this entire week. I made my favorite dinner so far, “Chicken Puttanesca”. I ran 5 miles on the treadmill after work.  I did some speed intervals and felt almost normal.  It was good! (I will share this recipe next!)

Whole 30 Day 6

I ran 3 miles after work today.  I remember this day because I had lunch around 12:30 p.m. and didn’t get home from work until around 7 p.m. I was hungry but not starving and I really wanted to run so I got those 3 miles in.  I made a roasted chicken with veggies and a salad and felt pretty good.

Whole 30 Day 7

Another good day.  I woke up early and ran 5 miles in the morning. Again, I did not feel very good during this run. The day went well though.  I had a really yummy salad with an avocado.  I felt satisfied for the rest of the night.  I had a committee meeting and felt fine even with the treats and wine that was served.  I also slept well this night.  It was the first night I didn’t have crazy wild dreams.

Whole 30 Day 8

This day started out okay.  I started to get a horrible headache towards the end of my work day.  When I got home, I tried resting a bit and it didn’t help. We had dinner plans that night. I will say having dinner out is not easy, especially when your nephew is devouring the bread and butter in front of you.  I took some Ibuprofen during dinner and I started to feel a little better. I went to bed early that night because I still didn’t feel 100%.

Whole 30 Day 9 (long run #2)

I woke up with that same raging headache but it was worse.  It was stemming from the base of my skull.  I also had a 12 mile run ahead me.  I have had a hard time figuring out what to eat before long runs, given my last long run.  I decided to do a full breakfast of eggs, sweet potato hash, guacamole, and blueberries.  Once I started my run, my legs felt like a pile of bricks and I felt like I had a brick in my stomach too.  At mile 4.2 I had to make an emergency pit stop and thankfully there was a place for me to stop right when I needed it.

I planned to run the first seven miles and then meet up with my cousin for the last five. I was ready to be done at mile seven, in a bad way. But my running partner was ready to go and I couldn’t back out when I saw her. She really kept me going and she kept telling me stories and really got me through those last five miles. At the 10 mile point I thought I was going to be sick but we walked a bit. I am so used to taking gels usually every 5 miles during a long run (anything over 10) and I didn’t this time of course. I brought an orange along with me but completely forgot about it when we starting the last five. I did make it to the finish though and I never got sick. Post run, I ate that orange immediately and when I got home I took a shower (when you run for 2 hours in 16 degree weather with a wind chill of zero, it is extremely important to get in a hot shower as soon as you can, or you FREEZE and all that sweat makes it even worse.) Waiting that long though to eat something with actual substance is not a good idea for me. I get sick to my stomach really easy so after that shower I was not up for eating a big meal. I ate one of my favorite Whole 30 approved treats, blueberries and blackberries topped with some cashew butter and coconut flakes. Later on I made a chicken coconut green curry. It was pretty good and pretty close to our favorite Thai takeout.

Whole 30 Day 10 (today)

I woke up early expecting to meet my sister for a recovery four miles. However, she had a late night (later than expected) and needed to back out. So I spent the morning drinking coffee and relaxing and once the hubby got up (he closed at work the night before and didn’t get to bed until after 2 a.m.) we did some more relaxing. It’s been a really nice day. I had an awesome breakfast of the leftover Bolognese sauce topped with raw sauerkraut and 3 eggs with a half grapefruit. And had a late lunch of a salad (mixed greens, romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, red pepper, olives, avocado, and a can of tuna with my homemade vinaigrette) and I feel really good.

I do need to get my poop in a group now and figure out what we’re going to eat this week! Planning and meal prep is super important when you’re doing the Whole 30. I am planning to get that puttanesca recipe up later tonight! I hope you’re all having a great weekend!


p.s. follow me on instagram where I put pictures of most of my meals @leahtheorin


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2 Responses to “My Whole 30 experience (so far) and trying to figure out how to train”

  1. Miss J Says:

    I had NO idea you were planning to quit after the first 7 miles! Wow! You are so so disciplined. Isn’t it amazing what the human body can do? You are certainly an inspiration!

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