The best running tights… ever.

So, my sisters got me these awesome running tights for my birthday.  It was a present from them even though my bday isn’t until Friday and I got them a few weeks ago and have worn them multiple times.  But I thought I would show them off.  I was first interested in them because they look EXACTLY like these running tights from Nike that I already have (that are like my favorite.) The features that I like about them include:

  • back zippered pocket for phone/gels/keys…etc.
  • drawstring waist… my waist is a different size then my booty so the drawstring waist is an absolute must otherwise I have to hike them up every 15 seconds.
  • mesh material behind the knees for ventilation
  • zippered ankles for tight fit and no bouncing material
  • light reflectors along leg/thigh area which doubles as a more flattering look (although the ones on the Nikes are much better placed and have a more flattering look)
  • Bonus for the new ones, they have a thicker material for more warmth and secure feeling (like nothings bouncing around… like my a$$)

So the new bday running tights are from Lucy and can be found here.

And here they are on me after a 6.2 mile run today. I am totally posing and looking like a fool but I wanted to show the special detailing. (like how the drawstring and zippers are pink!)

So there you have it Elena, you can see what you got my for my bday 😉

Tonight, I am super excited because I am going to my FAVORITE Indian restaurant, Chapati with my sister.  It is conveniently located in Northfield very close to her house (but there is also a location in Edina.) I love it! I will try to remember to take lots of pictures tonight.  After dinner is GLEE!!! So excited.

I saw this on facebook but I do have to say that I am a Gleek! hehe

Okay, that is all tonight folks!

Have a good one,



9 Responses to “The best running tights… ever.”

  1. Rande Says:

    Leah, since we were away from TV for two months, i just watched the Project Runway marathon….I’m assuming you’ve seen it. What did you think of the winner? Did you agree?

    • ltheorin Says:

      I loved all three and I think they all have a future in the fashion industry! But I do think they made the right choice. Irina, although a biatch, was pretty flawless.

  2. Emily Says:

    I saw it Rande and I think that Irina was the clear front runner. Her designs were (mostly) flawless, her runway show was incredible. I loved her hats, everything went together and it looked pro. She obviously wouldn’t win any popularity contests but I loved her designs.

  3. Rande Says:

    I agree she probably was the more mature, complete designer.

    I didn’t like her though.

  4. Bree Says:

    Leah: Because of this post, I told my Mom that I wanted those tights for Christmas. They are the BOMB! I have worn them 3 out of the last 7 days and completely agree with your assessment. super cute, more than functional and they make your butt look better! what more can we ask for ?

    Good stuff….
    Keep it comin’

  5. diversecalifornia Says:

    What brand are these tights?

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